Digital skills and competences

July 8, 2014
15:00 to 18:00

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By invitation

Anna Masera, Italian Parliament - Chamber of Deputies, Head of Communication and Press Office, “E-skillsforJobs” Ambassador


Agostino Ragosa, AGID
Gergana Passy, Bulgaria Digital Champion
Rachel Neaman, Chairperson, Digital Leaders Programme
Ana Cristina Neves, Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science, Director of Department of Information Society
Michael Kölling, Professor at the School of Computing, University of Kent, UK National Teaching Fellow and founding member of 'Computing At School’ 


Lucilla Sioli, European Commission, DG Connect, Head of Unit - Knowledge Base
Alessandro Fusacchia, Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, Head of Minister Cabinet (*)

E-skills and competences can significantly improve growth, competitiveness, innovation, employment and social cohesion in Europe. In its first year, the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs has produced a number of pledges, including long-term Governmental initiatives and quick-win projects. At the same time, young Europeans are feeding a growing ecosystem of start-ups  and innovation hubs.
Both the EU and Italian eCompetences plans emphasise the need for improved co-ordination, including legislation and infrastructure. Policy-making is a key factor to improve eSkills and competences and to raise awareness on the crucial value of the interaction between the public and the private sectors. This workshop will explore how to better leverage on eCompetences in oder to build a flourishing digital economy and to create more jobs and innovative businesses.