Innovation vs. Regulation. Clash or opportunity?

July 9, 2014
16:00 to 18:30

Istituto per le Politiche dell’Innovazione - e-LEX
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No matter if it is for web giants, like Google or TripAdvisor, or for startups, like Uber or Soundreef, legal rules seem to represent a limitation for web innovators. Yet web modern history shows that these innovators grow quickly and produce, just as quickly, wealth and new business opportunities. Does the relationship between innovation and regulation need to be so difficult and confrontational? Is it really so hard to make rules that can address innovation towards the right direction, limiting the sometimes unavoidable side effects while multiplying opportunities and benefits? Istituto per le Politiche dell’Innovazione and E-Lex bring together web giants, start- uppers, Italian and European regulators to discuss about how regulation can keep the pace of digital innovation.

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