Presentation of the book “In the beginning is the web” with the author Antonio Preto

July 7, 2014
14:30 to 15:45

Antonio Preto, AGCOM Commissioner
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The web is a powerful tool, which is not neutral. Actually, it could be placed at the service of the well being and growth of our societies. Yet it could also be an instrument of domination, injustice or discrimination. On the individual level, it can be an incubator of freedom of expression and information, while at the same time posing a threat to these very freedoms. The web has also radically changed our society as it empowered us to observe new kinds of social, political and economic interactions. This has given people new opportunities but also new risks. Regulators are called upon to create the underlying conditions for the web to become an instrument of positive, rather than negative, values. The book is a chronicle of two years of experience of Antonio Preto, who is – since July 2012 – a Commissioner of AGCOM, the Italian Authority for the Telecommunications. The author, as an official of the European institutions, was a protagonist of the European regulatory and jurisprudential debate. For obvious reasons, the book addresses Italian issues more specifically but these are not too dissimilar from the experiences of other countries within and without Europe.