The digital Atlas of the lagoon of Venice: data interoperability for management and planning

July 9, 2014
10:00 to 13:30

CNR Institute for Marine Science, CORILA Consortium for managing research in the lagoon of Venice and Municipality of Venice
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New technologies offer also new opportunities for a sustainable and participated governance of the territories. An open,  fast, intelligent and comprehensive access to environmental information is essential and, more important, may help counteract the fact that  data are collected independently by a variety of research and management Institutions; traditionally these data have been locked fragmented in little boxes. The Atlas of the Venice lagoon is finding all the keys for opening the boxes, connecting the little puzzle tiles in order to create the big mosaic. The use of a comprehensive picture is useful not only for the day-by-day governance  (by public and private stakeholders), but also for scenario building and planning. Nevertheless, often the traditional planning instruments of different administrations are not coordinated between them, resulting in scarce coherence and effectiveness. For the management of the UNESCO site of Venice and its lagoon  new web-based instruments connected to the Atlas have been developed and offered to the public Administrations involved, who are invited to participate. The new Atlas approach is now being extended to the entire Adriatic region in the EU Project Adriplan, to build a new integrated approach to the management of the Adriatic Ionian Region.