Tourism, Standards and Big Data

July 9, 2014
14:30 to 19:30

Andrea Casadei, Edoardo Colombo, Luca Corsato, Mirko Lalli (Venezia Turismo Digitale) in collaborazione con l’Università Ca’ Foscari
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The travel factory is a full-fledged digital ecosystem that exchanges data and operational transactions and that to be effective requires high levels of interoperability. Digitalization of the value chain needs a rational architecture based on open and shared specifications; to encourage disintermediation and market access of destinations and tourism businesses, even very small.
Morever there is a need for a unique identifier,  useful for the system as a basis for innovative applications, compatible with all available technologies.The data as such do not create knowledge but if hooked and "mixed" to the context and behavior can provide key elements, and in some cases, predictive planning for the well-being of people.


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